Who We Are

We could use this space to talk at length about corporate vision, mission statements and company values.  But we’re guessing you just want to know if we’re any good at PR.  Well, yes actually.  We’ve been getting astounding results for our clients for over 10 years now. We will say though that the kind of PR we offer is like no other.  We understand, at the deepest level, the power of Google and have the expertise and tools to support your SEO objectives.  Ours is the kind of PR that makes sure you’re visible when, and where, you want to be, whilst driving awareness, telling your brand stories and basically making sure that if people are searching for a product or a service in your sphere, they’ll find you.  High impact campaigns for businesses and brands.  Every aspect of our work precision engineered. Delivering highly measurable results across all channels.  Search savvy PR, that’s us.

What We Do

We’ve built a house in a day.  Made a hat out of a garden. We’ve got Britain’s Dads dancing, celebrities to paint postcards, teddy bears to give virtual hugs.  We’ve coolly handled crises, launched thousands of products, managed reputations, raised profiles, got people into the news, kept people out of the news, cleverly entwined social and traditional media and organised national events.  And that’s just on a Monday.  We cut through the marketing noise with brilliantly creative ideas.  Ones that really WORK.  Because we believe in delivering the best. Otherwise, why bother?

How We Think

We treat your audiences as media channels and earn their advocacy instead of buying it. Influencers are relevant at every level and because we create ideas with storytelling at their heart, then there’s no limit to what we can achieve for you. 


I&I is where we create new ideas and concepts, using the genuine insight we’ve gained from our experience and expertise. Through I&I we’ve created an environment within which the production of new ideas is optimised to a very particular end. We combine brainstorming with highly specialised analytical techniques. Interviews and observations. High culture with low (although we prefer the term pop). Classic with contemporary. We look to the past to inform the future. And we put it all together to produce fully-optimised creative efforts that make what we do really, truly, special.

And we have a hell of a lot of fun doing it, too.  We reckon you’ll love it.

Our Sectors

Food and Drink

We’ve worked with some of the meatiest names in the business, as well as deliciously small artisan brands.  Our specialist team has worked for, eaten and drank its way through everything from exotic martinis to quick and tasty oven-bakes without ever losing its appetite for success.

Ben Shaws, Havana Club, Little Chef, Individual Restaurant Company, RevolutioBars, Symmington’s, Pusser’s Rum, Slug and Lettuce, Esquires Coffee… just a taste of the brands we’ve worked with.  And many are long-standing clients because they love our particular cocktail of industry expertise and knock-out creativity.  If that’s what you want too, get in touch

Travel and Leisure

We’ve launched airlines, put destinations on the map (quite literally), supported London 2012 Olympics’ initiatives for high profile destinations, achieved global recognition for international hotel brands and taken journalists to dance poolside with top DJs and record producers.

We’ve also happily slummed it in more than a few dives; there’s very little we won’t do for our clients, including nosing around the backstreets of everywhere from India to Indianapolis in search of the perfect shower (true dat).   We’ve handled crises for airlines and arranged holidays for journalists’ pets.  On the road? That’s us, that is.   And we’ve gone on the road with Wyndham Vacation Rentals, Preferred Hotels, Jebel Ali Resorts and Hotels, Holiday Extras,, Jet2 Holidays, Leger Holidays and BH Mallorca.  

Going our way? Get in touch

Home and Lifestyle

In the world of Home and Lifestyle, you’ve got to know your trends or you’re as out of touch as a Sinclair C5 (Google it, young ‘uns) and get it as wrong as Betamax (ditto).

Anticipating what’s on the horizon is one thing, but successfully capitalising on it is another.  That’s something that can only be achieved through insight, intuition, a streak of boldness and years of experience.  That’s why we have a unique partnership with Trend Bible.  Whether it’s social, cultural or taste-driven, their job is to find out which future trends will impact your business;  through our collaboration, we have the edge and vision to create campaigns that are way, way ahead of our, and ultimately your, competitors.

Bosch, GHD, Mira Showers, Ronseal, Ultralase, Amway, Hallmark, Gala Bingo, BIC, Ashley Madison and Russell Hobbs – just some of the brands in our portfolio. 

Sound like that’s right up your street? You get in touch and we’ll put the kettle on.

Tech and Innovation

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, technology was for just for geeks; now it’s a part of every aspect of our lives (unless you’re a goat herder in the Urals, and even then….)  Phones, social media, gaming, music, film, finance, shopping, eating out, taxis, tickets, heck, there’s even wearable technology.  Tech is everywhere.  And there’s new stuff appearing every moment it seems.

That’s where we come in. We’re specialists in new product launches. From devising thought provoking new positioning to high impact events and analyst briefings; we understand how to grab attention with the right audience, no matter how niche they might be. We eat technical, complex and specific for breakfast.

As you might expect, some senior members of our tech team have been up to their ears in the tech sector since some of the first innovations hit the market and in fact launched a lot of them. That depth of knowledge, plus our legendary creativity and gusto means we have the kind of enviable know-how needed to devise product launch approaches that are as innovative as the clients we represent.

We can demonstrate a real depth of understanding that means we can translate difficult tech into appealing media stories that are the catalyst for actual sales. We’ve got the kind of experience and contacts very few agencies can rival, including industry associations, user groups, analysts and media, not to mention fantastic client experience across multiple tech sectors. Oh okay then, we will mention it: how about TalkTalk Business, Kodak, IBM, Belkin, Sony and Oracle, to name a few of our clients?

Does that press your buttons? Get in touch

Our Work

Amway is the world’s largest direct-selling company and as part of the campaign to recruit more distributors, the company holds an annual search for ‘Britain’s Top Real Role Model’ in the UK. To create column inches, we created an attitudinal study to provide content for the campaign that was lead by celebrity spokeswoman Sienna Miller. Along with an integrated social media campaign, our client received a return on investment of 20:1, 14 national newspaper features, an increase of Facebook engagement of 18%. In addition Amway received a 20% increase in those interested in becoming a distributor – and our campaign was aptly named ‘Best in Class’ by Amway Global.

The University of Leeds competed at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2012 with a garden based on research into ecosystem services. Lucre engaged the general public with this research by securing accessible, yet scientifically-based media coverage via traditional and social channels – including the creation of a bespoke Facebook App.

Coverage in media publications around the world was secured, but the best was yet to come. On the show’s press day it was a Leeds graduate wearing a hat made out of elements of the garden, not the massed ranks of world famous celebrities at the show, who grabbed all the media attention, including two front pages. And what’s more, positive leads for commercial collaborations were generated. Hats off!

A lengthy decision-making process is one of the key challenges faced by any laser eye surgery specialist. And whilst the industry focused their online channels on outdoing their rivals, Lucre instead persuaded Ultralase to invest in fostering advocacy amongst a much smaller but more active online audience. Relevant and timely content distribution, combined with carefully selected geo-location targeting was proven to not just generate more qualified leads but also shorten the decision making process from three months to eight weeks in some instances.

SuperBreak, the short break holiday company, is home to the hottest theatre tickets in the West End. Our job was to build up a network of top consumer journalists for the brand, and we knew exactly what to do.

We drew up a wish list of key publications and invited them to a special performance of War Horse, to be staged on the centenary of World War I. Journalists from the Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, Sun and Daily Star all attended, as did those from lifestyle media including Prima and Woman magazine and we even hosted major national news network The Press Association.

After the show everyone went “behind the curtain” to meet the War Horse himself, witness a spell-binding choreography walk-through and then discussed the show with the master puppeteers who bring the production to life.

As a direct result of such a fantastic evening, we converted our VIPs into fans of our client. As an added benefit, we got more than 30 pieces of coverage of the event itself, with SuperBreak’s URL featuring throughout, and the event has also opened the door to countless additional opportunities.

New premium lager Kolson Export teamed up with ITV and Nordic Noir festival Nordicana to launch their brand into the UK market. Lucre was tasked with hosting a prestigious invitation-only media event to kick off the weekend of the festival at London’s iconic Mondrian Hotel on the Southbank.

A star-studded event, film stars mingled with journalists and editors, followed by a private screening of the new ITV drama Jordskott. And of course expert mixologists whizzed up some Nordic Noir-inspired cocktails to get everyone thoroughly into Scandi-mood. Skål!

Lucre launched St-Rémy with French Honey; a new liqueur by the World’s No. 1 French brandy, into the UK trade market with a private interview morning for trade media. Lucre secured one-to-one interviews and exclusive tastings with St-Remy’s brand representative and key publications within the drinks industry.

Stellar coverage was achieved within all leading trade titles, both online and in print, and the client was delighted that Lucre delivered such a buzz around the launch of the new brand.

When the government cut a £235m Playbuilder scheme intended to create 3,500 playgrounds across England, the lack of play areas for children became a growing cause for concern. In order to raise further awareness of this issue, and help those affected, Lucre worked with Ronseal to cement its position as a champion of outdoor environments and created a dedicated community campaign.

Launched with a research report on the government’s cuts and the impact they would have on families, Ronseal’s Playground Project went on to provide a host of hints and tips for parents wanting to create safe and inspiring play areas for their children. Having secured a production partner, and a host of incredible prizes, a national competition was also opened up to every school in the country with a chance to win a brand new playground worth £30,000! Hosted on Ronseal’s newly launched Facebook page, the competition saw finalists campaigning to win the public vote and gained over 20,000 page likes in just the first few weeks of the campaign. All finalists received a wooden storytelling chair and the playground was installed in front of TV crews at the winning school.

By championing such an important issue, Lucre was able to truly engage with Ronseal’s target audience. Over 1,200 schools entered the contest to win the playground with everything from bus trips to music videos used in their bids. From the oodles of coverage secured to all the fantastic feedback the team received, Ronseal’s brand values were featured heavily throughout the activity and the campaign exceeded all targets against the objectives Lucre was set.

Of course we conduct make-overs a plenty and make sure that Mira’s products are profiled in all the right places but we also wanted to give what is widely accepted as a low interest category more of a leading industry role. From multi-generational living to trend predictions and technology in the home, Lucre’s thought leadership programme for Mira, entitled Moment Masters, is entering its third year. A roundtable debate featuring industry experts and media, each session is chaired by Lucre, filmed and shared. Not only are the results used to fuel the brand’s content programme but also ensure it is seen as a pioneer amongst key influencers, bloggers and journalists alike.

As a leading Battlefields expert, the many commemorative ceremonies around of the outbreak of war in 1914 World War One offered Leger Holidays the opportunity of reminding people of the importance of “keeping the memories alive” and by doing so, raise brand awareness and deliver a multitude of key messages. Throughout the year we ran a campaign highlighting the woeful lack of knowledge about both world wars amongst Brits; we worked with local schools and community groups to address this, and as a result bookings for the Battlefields tours more than doubled.

That’s what we call a result.

Our client Kodak has a wonderful commercial printer that adds masses of ‘pizzazz’ to printing in the packaging arena.  A fantastic system that gives real standout on shelf.

We wanted Kodak customers to understand the commercial and creative benefits to these fantastic plates.  We felt jargon heavy marketing speak just wasn’t going to showcase the benefits in a way that really captured people’s imagination.

So we took a less traditional route to address this hard working bunch of printing experts.  We created a social media and content campaign that got straight to the heart of the human advantages of this technology. We went out to customers across the globe interviewing via skype, phone and face to face.  We’re delivering a series of 60 second sizzlers combing product and people to celebrate their NXAdvantage stories.  The interesting things they have achieved creatively and the commercial edge they have gained.

There’s a series of infographics, word clouds and talking head videos that we’re combining to create real content standout and social channels cut through.  Plus lots of great stories and case studies to roll out to the media.

There’s plenty of longevity in this content but our focus will be the industry’s showcase event, Label Expo where a series of ‘talking heads’, (satisfied customers) will share online their great NXAdvantage anecdotes too.

Lots of stories, images and positive sentiment drawn together to ensure standout in an otherwise very traditional field.

With an overall objective to support’s industry leading Net Promotor Score, we used the hook of International Random Acts of Kindness Week (February 9-15 2015), to inject our own brand of Northern friendliness by surprising an entire flight of passengers returning to the UK from Alicante with a gift relating to the home comfort they’d missed the most.

On arrival at Leeds Bradford Airport, personalised gifts were wrapped for each passenger – from restaurant vouchers to giant teddy bears, from Yorkshire food hampers to soft pillows.  As is demonstrated by the graphic below, the stunt and associated media coverage generate significant social chatter and a wave of positive associations with the brand, thereby supporting  and amplifying’s already impressive NPS.

RAOK Jet2 image

Take one London warehouse, a team of Bosch DIY experts, 70 keen journalists, and transform a building into a home, in just one day…

Could we do it? Yes we could! We organised the seemingly impossible; getting the DIY and Garden experts at Bosch and Dremel to transform an empty 19th century warehouse in London into a stunning home space, complete with furniture, decorations and a garden.

70 journalists came along to help measure, saw, drill and glue their way through a series of DIY and outdoor projects, including upcycling antique doors into dining tables, creating picture frames and building troughs for hedges.

Just call us Bob the Builder. (Actually don’t call us that. Just call us brilliant.)

How do you launch a brand new hotel in the crowded marketplace that is Mallorca? You ask Lucre to do it, of course.

Of course, we knew BH Mallorca’s official opening in April would be AM.AZ. ING., but we also knew we had to raise awareness in the media of the hotel’s distinctive offering, at the same time encouraging their target demographic to make bookings at the complex.

The answer was simple. Get the right media on board and they would showcase the hotel to the public. So for one night only, Lucre took 10 top journalists from a range of titles to witness the VIP opening of the hotel’s music area, STAGE. Acclaimed DJ Steve Angello headlined opening night with support from other top DJs. Our journalists then spent the next day relaxing and recuperating *ahem* at the exclusive Beach Club – the perfect spot for resting a sore head.

Media attendees included The Sun, Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, Daily Star and Star Magazine. And, we’re pleased to say, BH Mallorca is now fully booked for the summer with customers already requesting details for 2016.

Challenged to launch a standalone café on Baker Street for the Park Plaza Group via PR and social channels, Lucre focused the campaign footprint to within a ten minute walking distance of the venue. In doing so the name of the café, 106, formed a central thread from which engagement emanated. At 1.06pm on a sunny Monday in June, the doors of this unique new eatery opened. At the same time each day thereafter during the launch phase a series of other activations and redemptions took place, from whisper codes and media drops to complementary customer orders.

The result was one very happy client, who told us “I truly believe that Lucre has led to the success of what is now a bustling cafe within one of London’s most competitive foodie districts.”

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